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Ok so I haven't posted in forever, but I do post to my sailblog

I know I haven't been posting here much (like I ever have) between facebook and running my own business it's been pretty busy. I have been able to get some day's on the water in the last couple of weeks though so if you want to read a long long post and see some cool pictures click here Read more...Collapse )
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I can totally understand why employers pay under the table I just got my cash requirements from ADP for my one part time employee. So his gross pay was 280.00, he gets 249.00 it costs me $415.00 to pay him for this pay period!!!!!

So instead of the the $10 per hour I'm paying him he's costing me about $14.80

I could barely afford him at 10. I guess this is the cost of being an honest business man, it just hurts the ass, right about where my wallet is!
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I have to wonder about socially acceptable racism?

Here in the middle of Black history month, I saw a sign on a bus for the "Black Expo" apparently some kind of business social expo here in Sacramento designed to cater to the special needs of Black/African American's in Northern California. Then I have to think back to High School where we had a Black Student Union, etc. etc..

So I have to ask, why don't we have Swedish American History Month? Pacific Islander Month, Patriotic Muslim Expo?

It has been my experience that African Americans tend to be quite a bit more racist than Caucasians only surpassed by possibly Asian Americans.

I mean do you think that Jungle Fever would have ever gotten the Green Light if it had been written, produced and directed by anyone other than African Americans?

So I guess I'll get back to my original thought....

Why is it socially acceptable to have a Black Expo, but if there were a White Expo it would be lambasted as "racist"?

And don't tell me about the 200+ years of slavery in this country and the civil rights abuses that continue to this day in some parts of this country, because those civil rights abuses go the other way, they are just normally called "gang violence" I give you the example of the innocent white truck driver dragged from his truck and nearly beaten to death during the Rodney King Riots?

So is it socially accpetable to hold an entire race responsible for the actions of a few???
If that is true than shouldn't all Black men be treated as gang banger/drug dealers, all black women as single mothers on welfare?
All white men as redneck nascar fans with mullets and no teeth? All white women as meth addicted prostitutes waiting for their 15 minutes of fame on Jerry Springer?

I could go on and on. While I do not feel that I am a racist, it really bothers me that I have to watch what I say in mixed company yet it is perfectly acceptable for a man of color to say the same thing and it's ok, if I say it I'm a racist?

Ok Rant over.
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Stupid law's or stupid politicians?

In Florida, having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal.

Ok I want to know, was there at some time or another an outbreak of horny rednecks having sex with porcupine's in Florida, so much so that they had to pass a law against it?
Or in reality did one of the representatives in Florida make a bet that he could propose a bill and get it passed into law no matter how f**king ridiculous the text?

I think the latter especially after hearing today that our great leaders and politicians passed the so called economic stimulus plan.

And now a word from our esteemed President, the leader of the free world and shit.


I've been cheating on livejournal!!

Ok, as many of my friends know we got a new (new to us) sailboat back in November and it has pretty much taken up most of my waking hours. Rather than bore most of you with the minutia of my addiction. I've started another Blog, for those of you who really have no life, and want to voyeuristicly peruse my pathetic excuse for one, feel free to check out my sailblog it will have a lot of what I'm currently doing on the boat, pictures and once the wind starts blowing possibly some cool sailing video's.

Well that's it for now, back to my lurking.
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Mexican Rebels fire rockets into San Deigo County

After the revolutionary government of Baja Mexico has repeatedly fired explosive rockets into San Diego County Killing some, wounding many, and causing incalculable property damage.  The Obama administration finally sends in a coordinated military strike to find the mexican rebels and put a stop to the rocket barrage.  After heavy mexican casualties in the border city of tijauna the rocket strikes continue.  World opinion is now against Obama and the american people saying that their response to the attacks against their soveriegn soil is overly aggressive and causing too many civilian casualties on the Mexican side.  Yet each day more rockets cross north of the mexican/U.S. Border each day followed by U.S. air strikes and ground attacks.

Yeah it's kind of like that in Isreal right now.  I remember a few years ago when Isreal finally agreed to give Gaza to the Palestinians so that they could have their own homeland.  They pledged peace with isreal, all they wanted was a homeland of their own, well we see how good their word is.

And the world is blaming Isreal, yeah the world is full of idiots, morons, and general oxygen theives.
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delta getaway

It dawned on me this evening that Sun_Berry and I finally have our weekend cabin. The sailboat that we lucked into is about the size of a small motor home or trailer and it is docked in the heart of the California Delta, and the marina allows liveaboards. So we can stay on the boat every weekend if we want or even longer.

We are planning on spending the long weekend after Thanksgiving out on the delta. The forecast is for rain on Friday which hopefully means it will be windy on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe we will get down to Benicia and check out the mothball fleet depends on the weather and winds.
We will be trying out the boat for the first time along with a new (to us) motor so it is possible that we may spend the weekend at the docks, but either way the cell phones will be turned off and we will have a laptop with us only for navigation and to play adult dvd's;>